Who am I?

I am a Christian. And although that can create political and social divide in today's world, it is important to me that others know that Jesus is who encourages me to serve rather than be served. My goal in life is not to gain money, power, or fame, but it is to serve those who have been placed around me.

As an attorney, I have acquired a set of skills that can be used to serve others. That is what I intend to do.

My friends call me John Bang.

My name is Jiung Bang and I was born in South Korea. I moved to the US as a child and as a result I understand cultural differences and language barriers. Life can also be complex and people can be complicated. Moving to a different country is a difficult transition that presents many challenges. I experienced that transition and I want to help others with it as well. That's why I practice immigration law.


I live in Portland, Oregon with my (non-traditional) family. Many of my family members and I have a number of businesses together (coffeecigarraftingconstruction). That's why I went into law and that's also how I understand what it is like to start and manage a business.


Am I Qualified to Represent You?

I studied philosophy at Reed College and received my law degree from Lewis & Clark Law School. But I believe that what qualifies me most to represent you is that I have encountered a diverse set of experiences. Whether it be religious, political, social, or cultural, I believe it is the diversity of ideas that I have engaged over the years that enables me to be empathetic and creative when it comes to advocating the interests of my clients.