Who am I?

I am a Christian. There I said it: a buzzword that creates political and social divide in today's world. But I think it is important to note that Jesus is who encourages me to serve rather than be served. My goal in life is not to gain money, power, or fame, but it is to serve those who have been placed around me.

As an attorney, I have acquired a set of skills that can be used to serve others. That is what I would like to do.

My friends call me John Bang.

My name is Jiung Bang and I was born in Korea. South Korea. I understand cultural differences and language barriers. Life can be complex and people can be complicated. Moving to a different country is never easy, in many different ways. It is not just the legal things, but everything else that comes with significant change. I've experienced that change. That's why I practice immigration law.


I live in Portland, Oregon with my (non-traditional) family. Many of my family members and I work on a number of businesses together (coffee, cigar, rafting, construction). That's why I went into law and that's why I understand what it is like to start and manage a business.